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Kelli Sweeting owner of LFT GYM

Kelli Sweeting

Founder + Head Coach

Favorite Gym Movement – Power Cleans
Least Favorite Gym Movement – OH Squats
Favorite Athlete – Tiger Woods
Preferred Music – Countryyyyy baby!
Cheat Meal – Greasy Burger, crinkle fries w/honey mustard, homemade cookies and a margarita!
#1 Reason she loves coaching – 100% changing lives and helping people realize their full potential.

Dustin Dobbs coach at LFT GYM

Dustin Dobbs


Favorite Gym Movement – Bar Muscle Up
Least Favorite Gym Movement – Burpee
Favorite Athlete – LeBron James
Preferred Music – Red Hot Chili Peppers + Lil Wayne
Cheat Meal – Pizza
#1 Reason he loves coaching – Building relationships and directly impacting peoples’ everyday lives.

Kyle Stuart coach at LFT GYM

Kyle Stuart


Favorite Gym Movement – Power Cleans
Least Favorite Gym Movement – OH Squats
Favorite Athlete – Son Hung-min
Preferred Music – Hip-Hop
Cheat Meal – Burger, fries + some kind of dessert
#1 Reason he loves coaching – Helping people do things they never thought they could and changing lives for the better.

LFT is lucky to have Kyle Stuart on staff. His depth of knowledge and ability to communicate this to members is invaluable. With a combination of real-world experience as a firefighter/EMT and a diverse background in fitness and coaching, Kyle is a coach who brings dedication, knowledge, and a passion for helping individuals achieve their fitness goals. Whether it’s improving performance on the track, sculpting the physique, or fostering overall well-being, Kyle is well-equipped to guide and inspire individuals on their fitness journeys.

Graham King


Favorite Gym Movement – Back Squat
Least Favorite Gym Movement – Snatch
Favorite Athlete – Rafael Nadal
Preferred Music – ODESZA
Cheat Meal – Donuts
#1 Reason he loves coaching – When an athlete loves it and can smile through the pain.

Erin Killebrew coach at LFT GYM

Erin Killebrew


Favorite Gym Movement – Thrusters
Least Favorite Gym Movement – Bench
Favorite Athlete – Riley Gaines
Preferred Music – Not. Country.
Cheat Meal – My Mother’s meatloaf and Jamaican Smashed Potatoes
#1 Reason she loves coaching – The members!

Shayna Resnick


Favorite Gym Movement – DB Snatch
Lease Favorite Gym Movement – Barbell Thrusters
Favorite Athlete – Peyton Manning when he played!
Preferred Music – Anything upbeat! EDM mixed with some NSYNC
Cheat Meal – Hawaiian Chicken Pineapple Pasta
#1 Reason Why She Loves Coaching – I love sharing my passion for fitness as well as spreading knowledge. Seeing people get stronger and try things they never thought they could before is the most rewarding part. Empowering others to believe in themselves

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